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Fun fashion clutch!

I’m attending a Halloween party and wanted the perfect clutch to take for the evening. I wanted something classy looking, but also something that would feel Halloween. I came across the VMATE Glitter Metallic Duster Kinckle Clutch and thought it would be perfect so I decided to order it.

The pictures don’t capture the glitter which is iridescent and catches the light at all angles making the bag very sparkly and pretty. The bag is covered in faux lather and has a repeating oval embossed pattern. The ovals are filled with glitter. The clutch opens down the middle by lifting up slightly on the finger holes. The finger holes are decorated with skulls and gems. The clutch also comes with a chain shoulder strap that can attach to two small tabs that fold up from inside the clutch. I was originally concerned that I wouldn’t be able to fit by iPhone 6 inside, but I was able to angle it in there and still have room for credit cards, lipstick, and some other small items. I am excited to have this accessory to take to my party.
I was given the opportunity to purchase this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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